floral co

Hello! I'm Mignon, the creative maker of Mignon Floral Co.. My love affair with design and flowers started at six years old when I learned how to make a tissue paper bouquet to give to my mother for mother's day. Gradient, fluffy, blue, tissue paper petals overflowed the vase I created and I could not believe I made something so beautiful and vibrant.

Pleased with my work and how wonderful it made me feel to give, I began exploring other ways to create beautiful gifts and atmospheres. Painting, crocheting, sewing, whatever allowed for molding shaping and creating a custom masterpiece was my passion. My mom started calling me "Martha" for the famous domestic goddess Martha Stewart. I had no idea that I was preparing and strengthening my creative muscles to someday own and create my own floral business.

In high school I became a member of the culinary arts academy where I assisted preparing wedding cakes and running a small cafe.  I loved the creativity I was surrounded by and a part of during that time. However, I did not think pursuing a creative outlet as a career was a possibility.  I honestly didn't think I could live a life doing what I love.   Expressing and sharing myself through my creative works seemed far fetched and pursuing dreams wasn't a habit I was surrounded by. 

I decided to take a safe route in assuring I could provide for my family and joined the medical field.  I took pride in my job and found caring for others rewarding but I never stopped finding ways to create.  Flowers became my medium.  I took comfort in the intimacy I had when I collected flowers of my choice and designed them alone.  It didn't require a lot of tools, space or time while my creations brought me contentment.

The thought of my own little flower business began to float around in my head.  However, with what I thought was little knowledge and experience I was timid about starting my own business. I wondered if my skills were good enough? Did I offer services and a product that a client actually wanted and would pay for? What about the competition? A number of scary but valid thoughts popped into my head and so I decided I was going to take 2 years to aggressively learn and perfect what I thought I needed to know.

I first attended a wedding planner mentor-ship program with a well known and successful local planner. I then began Kelly Perry's Foundations and Principal's of Design followed by Kiana Underwood's Master Class for floral design. I took whatever floral workshop I could squeeze into my schedule and buttoned up my training by attending a number of small business courses. 

I finally arrived at the point of confidence I felt I needed to start my business as well as realizing I deserved to live my dream and so I did it! Mignon Floral Co. was born. Strangely enough the vision I imagined for my business is very much coming alive. I may actually know what I'm doing. Thank you for being a part of my journey.