MIGNON(ˈmɪnjɒn; French miɲɔ̃) 

Welcome to Mignon Floral Co.

mignon (ˈmɪnjɒn; French miɲɔ̃) adj; small and pretty; dainty

Mignon Floral Co. is simply a little flower company. The Intimacy and authenticity of a petite business is embraced at Mignon Floral Co. as it offers a genuine and personal experience when planning the design of your flowers.  Whether you decide to have a bespoke design created or a classically loved style for your event, every element incorporated is meticulously thought out and intentional in creating the desired feeling for your day. Hand dyed ribbon will adorn your bouquet and bouts while the sweetest blooms and greenery consume you and your guest as you live in the art of that one day made only, for you.